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About Holly.

Holly was born in November 1983 and lived a happy childhood in Harrow, West London, with her parents, siblings and array of family pets. At 14, Holly had her first poem published in a national anthology. After completing GCSEs and A-Levels, Holly spent some time studying Commedia dell’arte in Italy before moving on to Higher Education

Holly graduated from University of Sussex in 2006 with a BA (hons) in Drama and English. She spent some of her university years working on a drama outreach programme for young learners, as well as performing in university plays such as ‘Absurd dreams of midsummer’ and ‘The Bacchae’.

The years that followed were spent working in France, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy (amongst others) perfecting her skiing technique and soaking up what parts of the world she could afford a train to.

In 2012, Holly took her first ‘school’ job as a teaching assistant in Ruislip, Hillingdon. Her passion for equal opportunities for SEN students was realised with an ‘adaptive ski trip’ in which she arranged for disabled students to try skiing at a snow centre with specialist equipment and lessons taught by Paralympic medallists! She began teaching KS3 English and Cultural Studies classes which reinforced her desire to become a teacher. She won Best World Book Day Costume and supported a wide range of extra-curricular trips and activities.

In 2015, Holly transferred to an inner-city school in Ealing, West London, where she completed her teaching qualification via the TES Straight to Teaching qualification, being awarded ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ for each of the Teachers’ Standards. She arranged productions for EAL students from visiting Shakespeare companies, arranged for literary specialists to visit her GCSE classes and was asked to lead staff CPD on creating a positive classroom climate. She won Best World Book Day costume and an award for most inviting classroom.

In 2017, Holly moved to Leighton Buzzard and started a family with her husband, Indie, a Deputy Head Teacher. She briefly worked in a small local middle school before having her second child in 2019. This prompted a decision to relinquish her teaching job in favour of caring for her young family and pursuing other creative, educational and inspiring ventures.

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Live English Lessons for Lockdown Learning

In March 2020, the government announced the closure of all British schools to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Holly had been building a small local client base for her emerging tutoring business, but with this no longer an option she decided to offer her services to the world instead.

English LIVE! are free, online, interactive English lessons that are streamed at 11am every weekday on YouTube. Holly offers these lessons to maintain young learners’ engagement with their learning and to inspire a love of English. It also means that parents who are struggling with home schooling can rely on a qualified teacher leading the way for 30 minutes each day.

Lessons are on a range of interesting topics and usually aimed at KS2-3 (although there are ‘specials’ for KS1 and KS4) and introduce or refresh a learning concept. Parents can then download a PDF with a range of tasks aimed at different learning styles that will extend and consolidate learning.

English LIVE! has captured the hearts of parents and learners alike, developing an avid and loyal following all over the world. The cheerful music, smiling face, supportive attitude and bright aesthetics seem to provide the perfect tonic to the current educational crisis.

Previous lessons can be watched on her YouTube channel and accompanying resources can be downloaded from Facebook or here.

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English with Holly

Welcome to English with Holly.

It's not just about children...These lessons are not just for children.. From the very beginning of "EnglishLIVE!©", I have been contacted by people from many walks of life, from professional business people that want to maximise their use of the English language, to parents who have forgotten English grammer and write as they speak. This may be fine in daily use, but it doesn't help in business. Small changes in phrasing, structure or presentation could save you from embarassment, a bad decision, or strengthen your position in a negotiation. Why leave it to chance? Contact Holly for a confidential discussion on the benefits of an English refresher course.


Services offered:

  • Pre-exam coaching
  • Parent english lessons
  • Corporate regresher course for administrative staff
  • Email langauge usage - Brevity with accuracy
  • Competitive writing styles - saying what you mean
  • English for non English nationals
  • English as a second language
  • Consultancy
  • Short term contract placement.


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