Here at EnglishwithHolly and EnglishLIVE! a good book is simply the best :)
So we have been in touch with our friend Caroline at ReadingZone and they have supplied their most useful links and chapters of new books to download -
Monthly round ups with book reviews and recommendations from teachers and librarians -
The ReadingZone new online bookclub; which is coming together, with authors talking about their new books and with readings from them:


ReadingZone Past Events

Below are some some pictures of events, mainly of the ReadingZone festivals (Cressida Cowell is the author of How to Train Your Dragon /  Vashti Hardy is this year's Blue Peter Book Award winner / Tom Huddleston is being interviewed by students at The Priory) but also from our ReadingZone Live event where we film with authors - this is Dan Freedman.


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