Here at EnglishwithHolly and EnglishLIVE! a good book is simply the best :)
So we have been in touch with our friend Caroline at ReadingZone and they have supplied their most useful links and chapters of new books to download -
Monthly round ups with book reviews and recommendations from teachers and librarians -
The ReadingZone new online bookclub; which is coming together, with authors talking about their new books and with readings from them:


It is well known to most that reading is not only a wonderful, satisfying hobby but also of utmost importance in early language acquisition and development. Parents play a vital role in the years preceding a child’s ability to read independently, but also in supporting their child to have access to reading and books as they grow.

Dyslexia can be a challenging barrier to success, but using the support and tools available, you can turn it into a quirk rather than your identity!

There are countless examples of how those with Dyslexia have made a huge success of themselves, overcoming their daily battle with the letters on the page. Richard Branson, Leonardo da Vinci, Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Walt Disney are to name but a few. For a more personal example, click here to find out about Holly’s Dad, Ray, an award-winning film and television colourist.

If you think your child may be dyslexic, visit these websites for more help and support:

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