It is well known to most that reading is not only a wonderful, satisfying hobby but also of utmost importance in early language acquisition and development. Parents play a vital role in the years preceding a child’s ability to read independently, but also in supporting their child to have access to reading and books as they grow.

The benefits of reading:

For some, reading is a tool to support academic success, however there are many additional benefits. Children and adults that read are scientifically proven to have better life outcomes. For example, readers can significantly reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. They are statistically proven to participate more regularly in their community and to vote in elections. They are more likely to show empathy and both understand and care for those around them. Knowing this, it is no surprise there are many organisations out there trying their best to help everyone get into books!

Here are some useful organisations to help you navigate reading to your child, with your child, and helping them to develop their own love of reading.

The ReadingZone new online bookclub; which is coming together, with authors talking about their new books and with readings from them:

Book Trust

The National Literacy Trust

World Book Day Organisation

Badger Learning/Teen Reads

School Curriculum: Info to follow

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