Contractions and Apostrophes Refresher

English LIVE! 032420 Contractions and Apostrophes Refresher (KS2-3) Answers.pdf

Refresher Contractions and Apostrophes

Contracations and Apostrophes Refresher (KS2-3)

Sensational William Shakespeare (KS2-3)

English LIVE! 032520 Sensational William Shakespeare (KS2-3)

Spellathon List (KS1-4)

English LIVE! 032720 Spellathon List (KS1-4)

Spellathon Tasks (KS1-4)

English LIVE! 032720 Spellathon Tasks (KS1-4)

Similes and Metaphors (KS2-3)

English LIVE! 033020 Similes and Metaphors (KS2-3)

Common SPAG Mistakes Uncovered (KS2-3)

English LIVE! 033120 Common SPAG Mistakes Uncovered (KS2-3)

Writing a News Article (KS2-3)

English LIVE! 040120 Writing a News Article (KS2-3)

Creating Interesting Characters (KS1-2)

English LIVE! 040220 Creating Interesting Characters (KS1-2)

Spellathon List2 (KS1-4)

English LIVE! 040320 Spellathon List2 (KS1-4)

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